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21 year-old male

J’s sessions with you took him through stages of development I was not aware he had missed. At some level of awareness I knew he was a little different to his brothers and that he could react strongly to changing situations. I did not realise at some point he had missed out on learning to see what others are thinking by assessing their body language and facial expressions. I think your sessions helped him to see a whole communication method he was missing out on. I and others have seen a steady improvement in him over the last 18 months.

J’s mother

Two years ago, J would come into my store and hide in the corner until someone noticed him. Now he comes straight up to the counter, looks me in the eye and initiates conversation.

D, retailer

11 year-old boy

2 years ago A was having trouble fitting in at school. He wanted to figure out how people worked so that he could make friends. Although he was very bright, A also had some difficulties with writing. He has recently been reassessed as the writing issues are causing concern. There is no sign of Asperger’s any more, but the writing difficulties remain.